Academy Spotlights



The Hindustan Football Academy has the state of the art facility with full size pitches of natural grass as per the guidelines laid down by AIFF. Since the players have to be extremely fit and agile the academy has a full fledged gymnasium with the latest machines wherein the trainees can do their workouts under the supervision of fitness coaches. Besides the playfield the academy has an auditorium and a full fledged conference room for team meetings and discussions.

The hostel for accommodating the trainees are spacious with adequate ventilation and each room has attached toilet and bathroom facility alongwith individual lockers of each trainee. Each of the rooms have cross ventilation for air passage providing an ambient environment to the trainees. Each trainees have their individual cot with bedding facilities.

The mess area is large enough to accommodate the entire strength of the trainees wherein nutritious organic food is cooked and served to the trainees under the supervision of a nutritionist. Cleanliness and hygiene are an important factor at the academy.

The academy is situated in a secured campus with 24×7 security surveillance in place and with appropriate safety measures to ensure the well being of the trainees.      


All the Coaches and officials are certified and have the necessary license as per the mandate of the AIFF. The Coaches come with a tremendous experience and are motivated and take individual responsibilities of grooming the trainees and providing hem with the right advice.


Diet and Nutrition plays an important part of an athlete hence due focus and attention is given to this aspect and each trainee is provided with individual diet and nutrition plan


Since football is a contact sport and a sport of endurance, fitness is a key factor hence we have a dedicated fitness coach who keeps a track of the fitness level of each athlete and provides individual fitness training sessions to attain the desired fitness levels. 


Alongwith the sport academics are also important hence the trainees are admitted to CBSE school to complete their formal education and individual sessions are also given incase the trainee is unable to keep up with the pace.